RUUT cassava flour!

Gluten Free, Grain Free, Nut & Lectin Free, Paleo


    Finally baking fresh & juicy breads and rolls again. Cakes, cookies, pancakes and waffles that really taste good too. Best baking properties thanks to the optimum starch content of our fine cassava flour, completely without wheat. There are tips for gluten-free baking here .

  • Gluten, grain, nut & lectin free. Naturally.

    With our Ruut cassava flour you bake hypoallergenic and without additives or preservatives.

    For a consciously healthy eating style and a good feeling in your stomach.


    From Peru to your kitchen. We place the highest priority on sustainable cultivation, fair payment for small farmers in the cultivation area and clear production chains with laboratory testing of each batch for lead and other harmful substances. Ruut is involved in the process at every stage, from field selection to the end customer.


Ruut is more than just an alternative! Ruut is the bread roll for breakfast, the cookie with coffee or the fragrant bread fresh from the oven. Learn more about gluten free flours .

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Cassava flour for a good gut feeling

Ruut has it all! As a healthy supplier of carbohydrates, Ruuts flour is an important building block for an active and healthy lifestyle. We have summarized everything you need to know about cassava flour in our FAQ .

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get the Ruut subscription

Do you want to avoid gluten permanently and still enjoy it without giving up?

Then our Ruut subscription is even more worthwhile for you!

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cassava flour

Our cassava flour is an all-purpose flour that is characterized by its very fine grinding.

This means that it can be optimally processed without having to be mixed with other flours.

Whether sweet or savory, for bread, pizza, cakes, spaetzle, pancakes, waffles or biscuits - finally baking like before - just healthier.

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Bake the perfect bread

No more sandy & dry gluten-free ready-made breads!

Simply bake crispy fresh bread that still tastes juicy and juicy after 4-5 days!

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Fair & sustainable

We work exclusively with independent small farmers in Peru, who are paid directly by our local producer to sell the cassava roots.

In this way, farmers can negotiate the price themselves (direct trade), instead of often being indirectly dependent on market prices (fair trade).

Avoiding monocultures

By rotating the field planting, we avoid the typically heavy fertilizer and pesticide load on the soil and the cassava root.

In particular, we monitor the lead content more closely, which is otherwise often higher in cassava cultivation. In addition, crops are planted for the small farmers, which promotes biodiversity in nature.

Gluten-free baking mix for waffles & pancakes

Do you love freshly baked waffles and pancakes? Gluten-free, healthy and super quick and easy to prepare?

Shouldn't friends and family notice any difference?

Then our Ruut baking mix for waffles & pancakes is just right for you! Completely without additives.

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Gluten-free baking mix bread & rolls

premium quality

For fresh and juicy-tasting bread and rolls.

The fine degree of grinding complements the excellent baking properties of the cassava flour and gives the dough an optimal consistency and handling.

Buns stay fresh longer. Without additives and preservatives.

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