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Ruut Gluten Free Baking Mix - Waffles & Pancakes

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  • Completely without additives
  • Tastes like wheat flour!
  • A 910g bag makes 28 waffles or 49 pancakes
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Cassava flour, coconut flour*, potato flour*, baking powder (tapioca starch*, raising agent: sodium carbonates, acidifier: potassium tartrate (22.8%) (pure cream of tartar), lemon juice powder*, thickening agent: guar gum*), sea salt (*from organic farming)


A sample pack (260g) is enough for 8 waffles, i.e. 2 servings of 4 waffles OR 14 pancakes, i.e. 7 servings of 7 pancakes. A 910g bag of baking mix is ​​enough for 28 waffles OR 49 pancakes. The baking mix comes in 910 g bags as a pack of 1, 3 or 6 or in a trial pack of 260 g.

Best before

2 years after manufacture

Nutritional values per 100 g:

Calorific value: 1486kJ, 351kcal, protein: 5g, fat: 1.7g, saturated fatty acids: 1.2g, carbohydrates: 68g, sugar: 4g, fiber: 10g, salt: 1.4g


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Ruut has a transparent production chain, we pay fair prices to the small farmers in Peru, and they do without pesticides and monocultures.

Customer reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Suzanne Schumacher

At our practice for systemic medicine, we are happy to recommend Ruut products
Greetings from the SYSMED practice in Lorsch
Suzanne Schumacher

Helga M
Alternative found!

Very tasty waffle mix, healthy alternative 👍

Great as always

Great, it tastes good for the whole family and especially for the children.

Delicious and versatile

I just love this baking mix, and it's so versatile. I use it of course for the traditional waffles (although I modify the recipe a bit), however most of all I use it to make savory waffles, for example: 1. Indian style - mixed with chickpea flour, onions and masala; 2. Italian style - with passata, Italian herbs, and optionally mozza/other cheese; 3. Greek style - with olives, feta and red pepper, .... The options are endless!

Karen Elligsen
Great goods

I am always enthusiastic about the Ruut products.
Great quality, very tasty and also great recipes.

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Gluten-free waffle and pancake treats for the whole family

Waffles are a classic for children. It would be a shame if your children could no longer eat waffles because of a gluten intolerance! But not only for your children, but also for you, if you are just as affected, it would be a shame if you had to do without fresh waffles.

We have the solution for you and your family here. Because this baking mix is ​​free of gluten and grain and is also paleo. With this baking mix you can enjoy crispy, delicious and fresh waffles again.
The preparation is quick and uncomplicated and the result is simply wonderful.

And if you don't feel like making a waffle, just make pancakes with our baking mix! A few tweaks to the amount of ingredients you need to add and you have another super delicious pancakes that I'm sure everyone will love!

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