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Ruut's Christmas Bakery - 5 Grain-Free Cookie Recipes (eBook)

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This E-Book is only available in German! 
  • 5 different cookies - only 4 different doughs!
  • Gluten-free, grain-free, and Paleo - there are great recipes for almost every diet
  • Finally baking delicious Christmas cookies again that are sure to succeed and taste great!

Ruut's Christmas bakery - now with newly revised recipes that taste and work even better!

Christmas is approaching, the cookie baking season is starting and every year the same problem: which gluten-free and paleo cookies can I bake that taste really good? you know the question And are you tired of always buying prepackaged cookies in the supermarket that are full of sugar or sweeteners, crumble and don't really taste good?

Then this eBook is for you! Because the dear food blogger Johanna from has worked hard for you with the help of our Laura and, after a long trial and error, has put together her best gluten-free cookie recipes with our cassava flour from Ruut in an e-book.

The cassava flour has the best baking properties and is sure to make the Christmas cookies a success . So that there is something for everyone, three of the recipes are not only gluten-free but also paleo. For another, there is a Paleo variant. All cookies are grain free!

You also get 5 different cookies from four different doughs, because the basic dough for two of the 5 cookies is identical.

So now you can continue to buy supermarket cookies that only taste half as good or you invest in "Ruut's Christmas Bakery" and get 5 really super delicious cookie recipes , such as B. delicious gingerbread to cut out or shortbread cookies that still taste good after a week.

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Learn how to bake the perfect bread or roll with Ruut cassava flour in our article Ruut's 6 tips.

Want to discover the perfect recipe for cassava flour? Then browse Ruut's recipe worlds.

For all the tips and tricks on how to prepare cassava flour, here's an overview of gluten-free baking.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Maria Neumann
Das EBook kam nie an

Da das ebook nie ankam, hätte ich gerne mein Geld zurück!


Schöne Rezepte. Es könnten mehr als 5 sein 😉

Michaela Federkiel
Lecker und einfach

Schmecken der ganzen Familie und die Beschreibung ist super

Johanna Haas
Leckere Plätzchen zu einem fairen Preis

Seit kurzem muss ich leider auf Gluten verzichten und da habe ich dieses eBook entdeckt. Ich bin sehr zufrieden damit. Die Plätzchen gelingen gut (auch ohne große Erfahrung), sie schmecken wirklich lecker und halten sich one Probleme ein paar Wochen in der Keksdose ;). Die 4 Euro waren sehr gut investiert!

Annemarie Türk

Ruuts Weihnachtsbäckerei - 5 getreidefreie Plätzchenrezepte (Ebook)

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