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Indian Psyllium Husk Flour, milled

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  • ideal for gluten-free baking
  • Substitute for gluten (high binding capacity)
  • rich in valuable fiber
  • produced sustainably & ecologically
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300g Indian psyllium husks, ground

Minimum shelf life

2 years after manufacture

Nutritional values per 100 g:

Energy: 737 KJ/184 kcal
Fat: 0.5g
of which saturated: 0.3 g
Carbohydrates: <0.5g
of which sugar: 0 g
Egg white: 1.5 g
Salt: 0.18g
Fiber: 87 g

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Ruut has a transparent production chain, the psyllium is grown and harvested organically in India and no pesticides are used.

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Flohsamenschalen: gemahlen oder ganz?

Ganze Flohsamenschalen haben eine körnige Textur und können beim Kochen oder Backen verwendet werden, um Rezepten mehr Volumen und Struktur zu verleihen. Gemahlene Flohsamenschalen hingegen haben eine feinere Textur und können leicht in Smoothies, Joghurt oder Saucen eingemischt werden.

Beide Formen quellen im Kontakt mit Flüssigkeit auf und können helfen, das Verdauungssystem zu regulieren. Obwohl die Art der Zubereitung eine Frage des persönlichen Geschmacks und der Vorlieben ist, sollten Flohsamenschalen immer mit ausreichend Flüssigkeit gegessen oder getrunken werden, um ihre vollen gesundheitlichen Vorteile nutzen zu können.

Psyllium husks for baking

Our psyllium husks (ground) are wonderfully suitable for baking. Due to the water-binding property of the flour, your doughs become nice and supple, juicy and the baked remains fresh longer.

So baking with psyllium husk flour is not a challenge at all - on the contrary, it makes baking really fun! Whether you want to bake savory, sweet or bread and rolls. Take a look at our gluten-free recipes for sweets.

Indian psyllium husk as an egg substitute

Many recipes are prepared with eggs. If you want or need to do without eggs, psyllium husk flour is your solution! Simply mix the psyllium husk powder in a little water (approx. 1 tablespoon psyllium with 50-150 ml water) and let it swell.

Besides being an egg substitute, gluten-free thickening and binding of soups, sauces, jams or puddings is no longer a problem. It tastes neutral and is ideal for various diets, such as gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free or Paleo diet.

Buy sustainable psyllium husk flour at a great price

Sustainability and fairness are important to us. Therefore, we make sure that the psyllium seeds are organically grown and harvested in India. Because high quality is just as important to us, every batch is tested in German laboratories.

Besides being used for baking, as an egg substitute or for binding, the ground Indian psyllium husks can also be used in other ways. They are great for eating in soups, cereals and yogurt. They are also great for drinking in juices, smoothies or even just water.

At Ruut, we use our psyllium husk flour in all of our baking mixes, such as our gluten-free bread baking mix for healthy bread and rolls. We also recommend using it in almost all of our recipes. Don't wait any longer and buy our Indian ground psyllium husks now!

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