Juicy yeast rolls with rhubarb and vanilla | Ruut

Saftige, glutenfreie Hefeschnecken mit Rhabarber und Vanille

| gluten free |

Recipe by : Johanna von www.glutenfreierezeptwelt.de

Ingredients : for approx. 14 rhubarb rolls

Yeast dough (basic recipe):

  • 300 g Ruut cassava flour
  • 100 g ground almonds
  • 50 g corn starch
  • 5 g xanthan gum
  • 2 tbsp psyllium husk powder
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • 80 g sugar
  • 30 g fresh yeast
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 350 ml warm milk, not warmer than 32 degrees!!
  • 1 egg size M, room temperature
  • 60 g melted butter
  • 3 tbsp apple cider vinegar

Rhubarb filling:

  • 3 sticks of rhubarb
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 tbsp cornstarch
  • some vanilla powder or pulp of 1/2 vanilla pod
  • very soft butter, approx. 3 tbsp
  • 1 packet of vanilla sugar + 1 tablespoon brown sugar


  • 40 g very soft butter
  • 100 g cream cheese
  • 1 tbsp powdered sugar
  • some vanilla powder


Tip :) Only use kitchen scales for our recipes or to weigh the flour.

For the yeast dough:

  1. Follow the instructions: Gluten-free yeast dough, basic recipe .

For the filling:

  1. While the yeast dough is rising, wash and clean the rhubarb and cut it into pieces about 1cm wide. Bring to the boil with 2 tablespoons of sugar and the vanilla and simmer until it is soft and has fallen apart.
  2. Dissolve the starch in 1 tablespoon of water, stir into the rhubarb and bring to the boil again briefly. Set aside and allow to cool.
  3. When the yeast dough has doubled in volume, carefully roll out the dough on a floured work surface into a rectangle about 0.5cm thick.
  4. Spread the soft butter on top and spread some of the rhubarb compote on the dough. Not too much, otherwise it will ooze out again when you roll it up. Sprinkle with vanilla sugar and brown sugar.
  5. Roll up the dough from the long side and cut into slices about 2cm wide. (see tip)
  6. Place the rolls cut side down in a greased baking dish, leave some space until the next roll and let rise again for about 30 minutes.
  7. Preheat the oven to 200°C, top and bottom heat, and bake the rhubarb rolls for about 25 minutes.


Mix all the ingredients well and brush the snails with the mixture as soon as they come out of the oven. Cover with a tea towel and leave to cool.

Enjoy with the remaining rhubarb compote and while it is still lukewarm!


When cutting the snails, use a really sharp knife and cut with as little pressure as possible. Otherwise, you will just squeeze the filling out of the yeast snail and the yeast dough will collapse. You may need to reshape the snails a little after you have cut them and placed them in the mold.

Rhubarb snails

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