Vegan & AIP Paleo pizza dough

Vegan & AIP Paleo Pizzateig

AIP | paleo | grain free | gluten free | vegan


INGREDIENTS: makes a pizza crust

  • 120 ml lukewarm water (45°C)
  • 9 g dry yeast**
  • 2 tsp (12g) maple syrup (grade A) or honey
  • 105g Ruut cassava flour
  • 3 tbsp (23 g) arrowroot flour
  • 1 tbsp (9 g) ground psyllium husks**
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 60 ml olive oil


Tip :) Only use a kitchen scale for our recipes or to weigh the flour.

  1. Mix the lukewarm water, yeast and syrup in a large bowl until the syrup and yeast have dissolved. Leave uncovered for about 5 minutes until a foam has formed on the surface.
  2. In a large bowl, stir together ruut cassava flour, arrowroot, **psyllium husks, and salt. Add the yeast mixture and oil. Mix well with a fork or wooden spoon. The dough must be soft.
  3. Preheat the oven (with a pizza stone) to 220°C. Form the dough into a ball with your hands. Then place the ball of dough on a large sheet of baking paper and roll it out into a thin circle about 30 cm in diameter. Then shape the edges into an edge.
  4. Cover the dough with a clean towel and let stand in a warm place for at least 20 minutes or until dough has risen slightly.
  5. Spread the pizza dough with your favorite sauce and top it as desired. Place the pizza with the parchment paper on the preheated stone in the oven. Bake 14 minutes. Let the pizza rest for a moment before serving.

Tip: For the best result, use an oven thermometer to make sure the temperature is at 220 degrees before baking.

**AIP pizza dough variant :

  • If you eat strictly according to AIP and do not use psyllium husks, replace them with an additional 40 g in the recipe Ruut cassava flour (so a total of 145 g). The dough will be very soft and a little sticky.
  • In addition, for AIP, the dry yeast should be free of emulsifiers.

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Mega lecker! Ich bin gespannt sie auszuprobieren 😍

Julia Schäfer

Ich hab den Pizzateig schon mehrmals gemacht. Tolles Rezept und schmeckt ganz ausgezeichnet. Vielen Dank dafür!


Meine Pizza war sehr erfolgreich. Ich habe das Papier eingeölt und den Teig für 6 Minuten im Ofen gelassen. Dann nahm ich das Backblech heraus und füllte die Pizza mit allen Zutaten und ließ sie für weitere 8-10 Minuten im Ofen. Ausgezeichnet!

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