"The aim of this way of life is the recovery and lasting health of our body"

Paleo, or the Paleo diet, describes a lifestyle that is now being embraced by a growing demographic as a healthier, more balanced, and more sustainable way of eating that taps into our original food consumption.

This nutritional concept basically includes the eating of "primeval foods" in their natural form.

Industrial products from our "modern times" are completely dispensed with. The aim of this way of life is the recovery and lasting health of our body.

Many foods these days, due to industrial changes and artificially added additives, cause all sorts of disorders such as intestinal problems, and/or together with too little sleep in the long run, too much stress!

Intolerances, which can be traced back to modified foods, are becoming more and more common.

In order to offer the body the best possible nutrient content, the Paleo diet mainly uses the following foods:
Various vegetables and fruits, in their original form, berries, fish/meat and other animal products, as well as nuts, seeds, roots and tuber vegetables.

Grains, dairy products, highly processed sugars and vegetable oils and legumes, among other things, are avoided.

In the Paleo diet, however, these are just some of the important building blocks on the way to an all-round healthy life. Exercise and sleep as well as being together with family and friends also play an important role and are considered to be very helpful in reducing stress.

A lot of exercise keeps us fit and flexible, even into old age. Regular strength training supports our bone structure and keeps it strong and supple.

Among the Paleoern , short endurance training is considered healthier and more beneficial, because long endurance units also put the body in a high stress level. Here, too, reference is made to original facts, which state that the human body is built for sprint units over short distances because of the dangers.

Sleep in particular is often underestimated, even though it is so important for regenerating and replenishing our energy reserves. There is talk that in the last few decades, rest periods and sleep have been reduced significantly.

You could say we suffer from a "lifestyle disease" caused in part by our high levels of stress and lack of sleep is caused. Many people try to find a balance through healthy eating and a lot of exercise, but forget in the many disciplines that rest and relaxation for the body are a major part of mental, physical and psychological health. It is, so to speak, the key to more well-being and harmony with the body and oneself.

Being constantly tense is not a state that can be endured for long, and yet we often endure it without even realizing it.

Eating healthier is a double sword in which we sometimes get too tense about food choices or shy away from social encounters to get to bed on time. Everything considered positive steps for our health, but we often remain stressed.

In today's society, we are more concerned with our phones and social media than with the real and true people around us. However, relationships with friends and family should be essential for us, because they too are part of a balanced state of health.

We hope that through our Ruut cassava flour, more people will come into contact with each other again, find each other, and cook and bake, try out dishes and new diets together, which may lead you to a holistic and healthy well-being.

Alan Harms

Alan ist Autor, Agrarwissenschaftler und backt für sein Leben gern.

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