Gluten-free baking mix for waffles and pancakes

Glutenfreie Backmischung für Waffeln und Pfannkuchen

Baking mix contains flour for 28 waffles OR 49 pancakes

For 4 waffles you need:

  • 130 g of the baking mix
  • 1 egg, size M
  • 60 ml liquid coconut oil
  • 180 ml non-dairy milk
  • 50g honey or 40g sugar, optional!

For 7 pancakes with a diameter of approx. 18 cm you need:

  • 130 g of the baking mix
  • 1 egg, size M
  • 10 ml liquid coconut oil
  • 260 ml non-dairy milk
  • 50 honey (optional, depending on whether it's sweet or savory)


Tip :) Only use a kitchen scale for our recipes and to weigh the flour.

  1. Put the 130 g of the baking mix in a mixing bowl. Mix the egg, oil, non-dairy milk and honey in a separate bowl and add to the cake mixture.
  2. Mix with a whisk to form a smooth batter.
  3. Preheat the waffle iron or pan, lightly grease and for the waffles fill 1/4 of the batter (1 ladle) into the waffle iron and bake according to the manufacturer's instructions until golden brown.
  4. For the pancakes, put a small ladleful of the batter in the pan and immediately swirl it around so that the batter is evenly distributed in the pan. Cook the pancakes for 1-2 minutes on each side until golden brown.


Make sure both your waffle iron and pan are hot enough, otherwise the batter will stick to the top of the waffle iron or pan and you won't get the waffle/pancake out clean.

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